CPAP Machines, Cracked Lips or Why I Need A Hot Air Humidifier?

Do you use a CPAP Machine? Do you have Sleep Apnea? Do you stop breathing during the night? If you use this machine are you happy with it? If you have answered yes or no to any of these questions, read on.

Now you have your CPAP Machine for Sleep Apnea are you happy with it? When you were at the Providers office were you offered a humidifier the chose of hot or cold? Were you told a hot air humidifier was necessary but most insurance companies would not pay for it? I decided to try it myself and find out if I really needed a Hot Air Humidifier. dreamstation vs airsense 10 

I did use my CPAP Machine for about three months and during this time I knew I would have to pay for a hot air humidifier.


(1) Extreme dry mouth.

(2) Dry cracked lips.

(3) Dry skin on face where mask sits.

(4) No moisture at all on my lips or in my mouth.

(5) Mouth sores that festered and bled.

When I purchased my Hot air humidifier it was during the winter season. My mouth and lips still became dry during the night but there was moisture in my mouth and throat.

I am finding now in the hot summer months the water evaporates in the small tank faster. It is sometimes necessary to replace the water during the night. My lips and throat can get even dryer. But there is still moisture in my mouth and throat.

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